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Changing Your Oil in 10 Easy Steps

How to Change My Oil

1. Park your vehicle on a flat surface, apply the parking brake, and turn off the engine. If needed, raise up the front of your vehicle by driving it up onto a ramp.

2. Open the hood and locate your engine oil dipstick. You can then remove the dipstick to help the oil flow when draining.

3. When your vehicle is fully supported, get underneath of it and find your engine’s oil pan and oil drain plug. The plug is a long bolt head at the base of the pan. Some vehicles may have two plugs

4. Put an oil catch pan directly under the drain plug. Loosen the plug using a box-end wrench or 6-point socket. Carefully take out the plug by hand and allow some time for all the old oil to drain.

Changing my oil

5. Clean off the oil pan threads and the plug with a rag. If your plug looks damaged, replace it. Many OEMs recommend that you replace your drain plug gasket. After the oil drains, reinstall the plug and tighten it up with the same tool you used earlier.

6. Find the oil filter, loosen it up with an oil filter wrench, and allow the oil to drain from the filter. You can then remove the filter, ensuring that the filter gasket comes off as well.

7. Coat the new oil on the gasket of the new filter so that it will fit smoothly into your engine. Install the new oil filter by twisting it in a clockwise direction. Once the gasket touches the mounting plate gasket surface, tighten it up by hand. Usually, this is a three-quarter turn after the gasket touches the engine, but check your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

8. Get under the hood and remove the oil fill cap. Pour in the right amount of motor oil of the correct viscosity using a funnel. Then replace the oil fill cap.

Changing my oil

9. Let your engine idle for a minimum of 30 seconds. Check for any leaks under your vehicle. Shut off the engine for another 30 seconds and check again for leaks. Any leaks found should be repaired immediately.

10. Lower your vehicle to the ground. You can then install and take back out your dipstick to make sure your oil level is fine.

Changing My Oil